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Every nation is various and there is constantly something unique in every country that can make you thoughtful and you may notice these things while going to that nation. Japan is not an exception and you can get to see some unique cultural norms that can make you eyes open. These cultural standards are given in this website to offer you an idea about the country . If you desire to understand about these standards in information, then click on the above link. This link has actually discussed all the norms in detail together with the images of the country .

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Newspaper Stacked Like Ice-Cream Cones

1Sealed Books  2Sincerity at the Point of Contact  3

Human Flows Redirected

4 5Counting Norms

6Beer Emotions

7Efficiency in Informal Markets

8Reminders on How to Use Toilets

9Ambient Service Expectations

10Unwelcome Mats

11No Groping Signs

12Stores Selling Face Masks

13Guides for Where To Queue

14Incentivised Recycling

15ingering Crowds at Pachinko Parlours

16Call 119

17Home Textures

18Proof of Being There

19Separation of Clean and Dirty Spaces


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