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A lot of the travelers that travel to Scotland make it an indicate go to the location that is realised around the globe as the “Old Guy of Storr”. This is among one of the most picaresque locations of the entire nation that draws in hundreds of site visitors from all over. This post is devoted to the different facets of the location , under various sorts of all-natural lights. These breaks have the ability of bring in all eyes to them. To take a more detailed consider these unique photos , visit to the web link provided right here .

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1Photo: Adam Burton/Photolibrary 2Photo: Unai Carrerra 3

Photo: Jonas Lang 4Photo: Darby Sawchuk 5Photo: iPhotoSky 6Photo: Stephen Emerson


Photo: Matthias Haker

8Photo: David Pinzer 9Photo: Marek Biegalski

Spectacular sunrise over the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Winter (December) 2013.

Photo: Adam Burton

11Photo: Alasdair McIntosh Old man of Storr, early morning winter lightPhoto: Chris Newham

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