Bakheng Mountain, Cambodia


Phnom Bakheng is situated 130 meters in the north of Angkor Wat and 400 meters from the south of Angkor Thom.

Via Phnom Bakheng Over Look Angkor Wat

With climbing a long steep path and some steps on the east side of the monument, we may enter and leave Phnom Bakheng. It may have height 67 meters. In the 1960, elephant was used to the summit and according to French visitor said “a promenade classic and very agreeable” in order to get ascent toward the top.
Usually, we arrive at the summit just before sunset for a panoramic view of Angkor Wat and its environs. The golden hues being looked like the setting sun on this vista have been a memorable sight. Note that Frenchman Henri Mouhot noted in his diary at the point in 1859 ‘Steps.. lead to the top of the mountain, whence is to be enjoyed a view so beautiful and extensive, that it is not surprising that these people , who have shown so much taste in their buildings, should have chosen it for a site.
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