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Photography is now thought about to be an art that is a bit various from the traditional paintings and sculptures. There are numerous competitors that are held all over the world to improve the self-confidence of the young professional photographers. In this short article you will get the opportunity of laying your eyes on a few of the snaps that have actually been considered to be the very best amongst all. One take a look at the snaps suffices to change you into a wonderful world. To see the snaps, click the link that has actually been provided here.

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2By Fox Grom


By Mikko Lagerstedt 4By Dennis Fast 5By Mehran Djojan

Photo taken during Artistic Gymnastics Tournament in Poland. Girls that participated were aged 8-12.

By Adrian Jaszczak

7By Mario Tama 8By Anuar Patjane Floriuk

Calbuco Volcano is located in the lakes region south of Santiago, Chile's capital city and is one of the 10 most dangerous volcanoes in the country. After more than 40 years of inactivity, the day April 23 the volcano erupts, spewing more than 200 million tons of ash and causing the evacuation of more than 2,000 people. In the picture is seen one of the most violent moments of the eruption, which occurred in the early hours of April 24.

By Francisco Negroni

Light beams piercing the sky as seen from the top of Cuipingshan Hill in Yangshuo, China.

By Ken Koskela

A Young Nenets boy plays in -40 degrees on Yamal in the Winter in Siberia.

By Simon Morris

The night before returning to Windhoek, we spent several hours at Deadveli. The moon was bright enough to illuminate the sand dunes in the distance, but the skies were still dark enough to clearly see the milky way and magellanic clouds. Deadveli means "dead marsh." The camelthorn trees are believed to be about 900 years old, but have not decomposed because the environment is so dry.

By Beth McCarley

13By Jason Weingart

14By AmbroseLune 15By w00tsor 16By Jason McGroarty 17By Marta Bevacqua

WINNER Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

By Julian Rad

19By Freddy Fabris

Jordan Isadore, 2013

By Lois Greenfield

21By Hendra Lesmana 22By Atif Saeed

Gray whale (eschrichtius robustus) A gray whale feeding at the surface and showing it's baleen. Gulf of California.

By Christopher Swann

24By Pere Soler 25By Jay Philbrick 26By Michael AW 27By Eva Ho 28By Bella Kotak 29By Alex Cornell

It's taken me several early mornings to develope this lighting technique. Using high powered underwater strobes place beneath the blue bottles I hit them with a burst of light, the crystal clear deep water reflects no light but the bluebottles pop with that amazing electric cyan blue colour! And framed againt the the silhouette backdrop of the bay and the orange glow from the sun I think they look quite amazing wouldn't you agree?  Well done mother nature you did it again!

By Matty Smith

31By Takashi Kitajima

I took this picture at Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan last year. The flowers are baby blue eyes and the whole number of them in the park are 4.5 millions. The best season is usually from the end of April to the first week of May. I am going to the blue universe again this year to photograph. It'll be worth just visiting the world. Camera shutter or your eye's shutter. You would be happy in this world.

By Hiroki Kondo

33By Greg McCown 34By Jaewoon U 36By Phoo Chan 37By Thierry Bornier 38By Zsolt Kudich 39By Tanja Brandt 40By Beth Moon 41By John Spies 42By Peter Tsai 43By Kilian Schnberger 44By Nude Yoga Girl 45By Ars Thanea 46By Vadim Trunov 47By Kindra Nikole 48By Tiina Trmnen 49By Vincent Laforet 50By Max Rive

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