Extremely distinct baikal lake siberia


If you like to take a trip to places that are thought to be off limitations by many , then this is the article that you must check out. Here you will get all the details about the lake in Russia that ends up being covered with ice in the winter. The lake is gorgeous in itself, exactly what makes it more appealing are the pieces of blue ice that pop out in one location or another. To know more about this lake and why it is drawing in travelers from all over the world visit to the link that has been offered here. One appearance at the lake is inadequate to fathom its charm .

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1photo by Alexey Trofimov

2Photo by Valery Chernodedov


Photo via Baikal Nature

4Photo via Valery Chernodedeov

5Photo via Jeffersons Opinion

6Photo via Adventour

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