Kampot Province, Cambodia


Tuk Chhou is a small town river which is situated 5 km inland from the sea. Based on main activities, there are two categories that have been done by Tuk Chhou farmer i.e. fishing and farming. There we may see abundance such as durian and melons, but we may also see at the south end of town with dusty traffic circle including hotels arrayed around there. That is, it is Phnom Kieu, Phnom Kamchay and Tuk Chhou.
Each has its own restaurant such as Tuk Chou may provide a seedy nightclub and the other is on the circle with Prachummit Restaurant and close by is Amar Restaurant.
Turn to the south associated with near the river is the GPO and telecommunication building. At the north of town it is the central market with foodstalls about 1.5 km away. Note that all transportation in Kampot is focused on range of the market cycle, motors, taxis, trucks and buses. Lastly, railway may lie farther north.
Kampot1Image source: khmermean



Image source: kampot-cambodia

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