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In order to have a perfect understanding the real Cambodia one should visit this great country which is considered to be one of the excessive archaeological places in our globe. Surrounded by Thailand on North West, Vietnam in South East and South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand on the other sides, Cambodia is known to be a popular country in South Asia. This history of this great nation can always be a worthy read for the world travelers as well as other concerned individuals. Though not highly illustrative this short article can be a guide for the first time tourists to this wonderful country.

Before the Common Era( BCE)
It is very interesting to know that people were living in Cambodia since 4299 BCE as per the researchers who have done the famous carbon14 test. This unique test was conducted in Laang Spean cave located in the North West region of Cambodia. It has been found people who are sheltering these caves were making pots. However the survey made in the later period has suggested that people with the Neolithic culture were found to be living in the period around 1000-2000BCE. It is generally believed that people should have been migrated to Cambodia from south east China as well as from India too. When it comes to the matters of cultivation rice and making of bronze items Cambodians are considered to be pioneers among the other South Asian communities.
People in the CE first century have a stable life with an organized living in groups. They were communicating with other in the same language with others which is considered to be very much relevant to the present century Khmer. Cultivation of rice and growing animals were the prime duties of these people of those eras. It is also believed that that people with better IQs were found in the areas of civilization lands.

Multiple Kingdoms
Cambodia has the distinction of witnessing various types of kingdom in various periods. Among these the well known The Funan Empire is considered to the foremost one that was evolved in this great country. This was followed by Chenal Era and Khmer Era. It was in the Khmer king time the name Cambodia has come to existence. In the final times the place was captured by Angkor Thom which led to flee of the Cambodian king to the southern region. The dark ages of Cambodia were from 1618 to 1863. From 1863 to 1953 Cambodia was under the control of French and the country was hit badly during the World War II.

Recent developments
A civil was broke in Cambodia before it became Democratic Kampuchea that was started emerging from 1975. Till now good developments took place in this country and the modern Cambodia has emerged from 1993 onwards. A visit to Cambodia will surely offer the travelers a unique and rich experience as this beautiful country has a varied culture all these years of its developments. The famous Apasara Khmer , a traditional dance is the fine example of the growing popularity of Cambodia in the recent times.


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