Kratie Province, Cambodia


You may remember fresh water dolphin and so it sometimes calls the sleepy Mekong River town. It is no what besides the Kratie province that situated on the east bank of the mighty river. Kratie is so picturesque associated with scenery such as sandbars, and big islands out of and bends in the river. The war years were likely to be fairly kind to the French architecture and the road for the town because there are still existed building styles of French. I short, the town may introduce some nice looking homes of French and Khmer style scattered about, adding further to the pleasant feel of the place.
As being mentioned above, the province has the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins. These are the rare fresh water animals in the Mekong River located at the north of Kratie. Via estimate, these dolphins may remain just only about between15 and 20 heads that allowed us to worth a visit. If you may have just on a trip seeing the river town along the Mekong or taking a full circuit trip around the east and the northeast, it may be a nice place for you to spend some nights or some days to be here.


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