Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia


Mondulkiri is a province that enriches full of the natural beauty. It has thickly forested mountains, powerful waterfalls and lush green rolling hills of the western side. So far, the communities of hill tribe people seem to be not affected by mass tourism as they are in neighboring Thailand. Beyond, you may have an area which is so attractive to adventure traveler. Lastly, the amazed town, being been Sen Monorom, is the best base camp for travelers who intend to explore the surrounding areas.
Mondulkiri is a quiet beautiful town nestled into the hills and it also has quite few potential to develop into a center for non-intrusive eco-tourism. Now, it is much undeveloped area that provided you a feeling of going somewhere off the beaten tourist trail. Indeed, it is the variety of languages such as Khmer, hill tribe languages, Vietnamese and Laos.


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