The Secret Make-Up Like Angelina Jolie


First thing is use contacts to get the eyes of Angelina Jolie. Apply foundation on your face using a beauty blender followed by a concealer for full coverage. Again use foundation that is darker than your skin color. Complete it till you reach the jaw line. Take a lighter color shade for highlighting to appear more as her. Leave no part in your face. Now, it is time to highlight with some translucent powder. Use a lighter shade powder preferably white for better effect.

Use a grey shade color in your cheekbones with the brush followed by peach color on the same areas. Make a joker smile using light brush and grey color. Warm up the grey area with a brush. Use a light shaded eye shadow and apply above and underneath the eyes. Now, apply the grey shade under the curve of your eyes and continue it till the corner of your eyes. Now, use a fluffy brush without anything to pull it off and then warm up with the former color. Then take a peach color and blend it with the shadow above your eyes and sweep to the rest.

Finish up with the rest like applying eyeliner, sharpening your brows with a brown pen, using a lighter lip color and darker lip liner then blend the color and make a shadow kind of thing in between with the lip color. Now, apply a lipstick and gloss for the finishing touch followed by adding a concealer on your lip. Add Barbie color for highlight. Take some lash extensions and then apply a light powder to make your cheekbones like her. You are done!

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