West Baray, Cambodia


Do you know that west Baray was made by God or human being?. Really, it was made by man that was a largest body of water at Angkor. The visitors may go to the middle being called as the island via boat. This was named the west Mebon temple once. Now, it remained some traces, but the island may be a pleasant spot for picnic or just walking around while the water level may be low.

The baray was likely to build in the 11th century based on the same style and the temple in the middle. The east dyke may come to Bakheng temple and some historian suggested that west baray might have been a mooring place for royal barges and also a reservoir and a place for breeding fish.

The west baray had been made by man associated with a vast lake surrounded by an earthen levee that forms a dyke. Based on story, the young daughter of a ruler of Angkor was grabbed by an enormous crocodile. This might lead to make a large opening in the south dyke of the west baray that may still be seen until now. Note that the crocodile was capture and killed and the princess was still alive in the crocodile’s stomach and then rescued.

cambodja-reizen-west-baray-960x340Image source: cambodjareizen

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